We’re back, and more up for it than ever with two new daytime concepts: “Club Tropicana” at Pikes and “This Is Not Hawaii” at Romeo’s. At Pikes, our favourite partner in crime, the event will be held on Friday 21st May and Friday 8th October.

At Romeo’s Motel & Diner we’ve got: “This Is Not Hawaii“, an event that will be held every 2 weeks from the 2nd July, coinciding with the day after the Dorado Live Shows concerts, this year with: La Bien Querida, Mikel Erentxun, Santero y Los Muchachos, Anni B Sweet, Derby Motoreta Burrito Kachimba, and a special guest TBC.

We’re celebrating 16 years of Rock Nights in 2021, and after not being able to celebrate the 15th anniversary, we’re going to be partying double hard this year. Our residents DJs are Colin Peters and Lola Von Dage, who will be joined by a host of guest DJs. Getting in on the action we’ve also got Paul and his live tattoos, Genis from Why Hats and Anabel with her Vlack Lavel leather jackets.

Expect poolside shenanigans, cocktails and fun at Pikes, and in return we ask for just one thing; dress code – PINK.

We continue to bingo at Romeo’s Motel & Diner with “This is not Hawaii,” every Friday after our Dorado Live Shows concert series held on Thursday. Get your Bingo cards ready and warm up your vocal chords for our roguish karaoke in the Playroom. Come with an empty stomach because we have the best burgers and hot dogs in our Diner, in pure Pulp Fiction style. Dress code: Hawaiian shirts (of course)