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Ibiza Rocks, the best live music on the island

Located in the San Antonio bay, the Ibiza Rocks nightclub, whose history began in the mythical Manumission room, has become one of the main places on the island for lovers of live music. Since it opened in 2008, Ibiza Rocks has hosted a wide variety of live acts, with musical styles ranging from indie, folk and rock, through to urban and techno.

A night out at Ibiza Rocks is undoubtedly highly recommended for all those who want to enjoy an unforgettable night with the best live music in Ibiza, especially for those staying at the Dorado Ibiza Suites hotel, because it fits perfectly with the elegant and transgressive essence of this hotel.

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Ibiza Rocks, much more than DJs and big clubs

The success of Ibiza Rocks shows that there is much more to Ibiza than international DJs and parties in the big clubs. Ibiza Rocks took a bet on live music and it has gone extremely well. The first concerts were held at Bar M, and they were such a success that they moved the concerts to larger new venue, moving to Ibiza Rocks.

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This new space has a permanent stage built on purpose in the central courtyard of the hotel. Another of the highlights is the pool, where they have been some truly memorable moments both during and after the concerts, including artists and the audience spontaneously diving into the water..

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Reference within the electronic scene

Ibiza Rocks also has a large events calendar within Ibiza’s electronic dance scene, basically focused on pool parties. The parties at Ibiza Rocks cost around 40 euros, while the drinks are around 10 euros.

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