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Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys: Stand up all of you because here you have the 2nd edition of Cinerama film festival. Well, indeed it’s not a film festival because here there are no ugly prizes, you don’t have to wear a dinner jacket, and there isn’t that kind of odd films that no one can understand. Here we are fonder of a cult movie, huge screen outdoor, a deck chair in front of the sea, a good bucket of popcorn in one hand and a Larios Rose Gin Tonic in the other. And aaaaaaall this just for 20€. Having No-festivals like these, who the hell wants festivals?

Screenings will be scheduled from June to September (on Fridays on the terrace of Dorado and on Tuesdays on the terrace of Paradiso Art Hotel Hotel), and each month will be devoted to a different topic:

June: In Love With The Soundtrack

The cassette tape I devoured the most during my puberty was the Nevermind by Nirvana. I listened to it so many times that, as Kurt Cobain, the tape died young and left a beautiful casing. But by then the grunge already run through my veins, baby, so I didn’t take long to get the record again: the CD, and years later, the vinyl. However, the riffs and yells of Mr. Cobain never sounded as dirty, lout and fucking well as with my poor cassette tape, may it rest in peace. The truth is that some records are born to be listened in a particular format, and listen to them in any other is like drinking alcohol-free beer, that it seems like it but it’s not the same. Having said this, this June we’ll programme three records that were born to be a film: 24H Party People, Studio 54 and Streets of Fire.

July: American Attitude

How do these fucking Americans do so that even the more boring and dull things of their culture seem cool? Their ice-cream trucks are cool, their university jackets are cool, their letterboxes are cool, their funerals are cool, their secondary roads are cool, their President is cool… Well, the current one is not much cool, but the preceding was deeply cool and you know it. Thus, to honour the sentence “If you like something, why change it?”, this month will mean a ride to the American Way of Life: Almost Famous, From Dusk Till Down, Black Mirror: Special San Junipero, American Graffity, Drive and Cocktail.

August: Young & Rebels

August is synonymous with “at ease”, because the topic chosen for this month will be Sex, Drugs & Rock´n´Roll: The Lost Boys, The Outsiders, Risky Business and True Romance. A word to the wise is enough (and don’t pretend that kind face because it’s all clear).

September: Best Actress Awarded

And as we did in the opening ceremony of this article, please, stand up all of you to welcome the ladies in charge of the closing ceremony of the Cinerama film No-festival 2018. A loud round of applause for Michelle Pfeiffer, Carmen Maura, Rossy de Palma and Chus Lampreave, or, in other words: Grease 2 and Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown).

Tickets coming soon!

Words: Pablo Burgués.

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