Art in our rooms

Fourteen legends portrayed in fourteen suites

The camera and electric guitar have been twinned since the beginning of rock and roll. You can’t understand the history of the culture that revolutionized the 20th century without the unforgettable photographs taken of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley or the Rolling Stones. Since opening, Dorado Ibiza Suites has become a consecrated temple of rock, and will become an art gallery thanks to Mondo Galeria.

Guests staying at Dorado Ibiza Suites will enjoy the silent company of David Bowie, the Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, Blondie or Loquillo through photographs that add an extra touch to the superbly decorated suites.

The portraits

The portraits

Diego Alonso, director of Mondo Galeria, one of the most important artistic spaces in Madrid, is the person responsible for choosing the iconic pictures, masterpieces.