In all our hotels you can find the ideal space to celebrate your Birthday party, Company gathering, an Afterwork, Product presentation, or a different way to group your team for a teambuilding; ¡ even your private and exclusive Afterparty!

We have it all so, that it is always a good choice to choose us for any celebration or event.

Just let us know your what your plans are, and we will make it happen.

Private Events & Pool Parties

Our hotels have the perfect spots for hosting your next party or non-traditional business event. We don’t have a conference room, but we do have the best pools and rooftops in the island! Give us a little info on your event using the info form and we’ll get back to you quickly with options and info. 

Romeo's Express Dreamed Weddings

Because we love each other, because we need each other and because we don’t need paperwork, we want to promise ourselves here and now, with the closest ones… with friends or just us, but without forgetting the romanticism of celebrating a wedding in our Chapel and the afterparty in our private Playroom.

Location: Romeo’s Motel & Diner

Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

The church, the dress, the tuxedo, the menu, the family and such…
All this planning – it can be way too much!
Good friends, many laughs & Let us organize everything for you and create your memories before the big day.

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